Samen Meten/Measure Together Publications

A publication on the calibration of NO2 sensors. 
Ratingen, S.v.; Vonk, J.; Blokhuis, C.; Wesseling, J.; Tielemans, E.; Weijers, E. Seasonal Influence on the Performance of Low-Cost NO2 Sensor Calibrations. Sensors 202121, 7919. Sensors | Free Full-Text | Seasonal Influence on the Performance of Low-Cost NO2 Sensor Calibrations | HTML (

A publication on the "Snifferbike", the use of PM sensors on bikes. 
Wesseling, Joost; Hendricx, Wouter; de Ruiter, Henri; van Ratingen, Sjoerd; Drukker, Derko; Huitema, Maaike; Schouwenaar, Claar; Janssen, Geert; van Aken, Stephen; Smeenk, Jan W.; Hof, Arjen; Tielemans, Erik. 2021. "Assessment of PM2.5 Exposure during Cycle Trips in The Netherlands Using Low-Cost Sensors" Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 18, no. 11: 6007.

A publication on the "Samen Meten" data platform and use of sensors in the Netherlands.
Joost Wesseling, Henri de Ruiter, Christa Blokhuis, Derko Drukker, Ernie Weijers, Hester Volten, Jan Vonk, Lou Gast, Marita Voogt, Peter Zandveld, Sjoerd van Ratingen and Erik Tielemans, Development and Implementation of a Platform for Public Information on Air Quality, Sensor Measurements, and Citizen Science, Atmosphere 2019, 10(8), 445

Classification of sensors by the information they use and provide.
Philipp Schneider, Alena Bartonova, Nuria Castell, Franck R. Dauge, Michel Gerboles, Gayle S.W. Hagler, Christoph Hüglin, Roderic L. Jones, Sean Khan, Alastair C. Lewis, Bas Mijling, Michael Müller, Michele Penza, Laurent Spinelle, Brian Stacey, Matthias Vogt, Joost Wesseling, and Ronald W. Williams, Toward a Unified Terminology of Processing Levels for Low-Cost Air-Quality Sensors, Environmental Science & Technology 2019; 53(15):8485-7

General information on Citizen Science
Hester Volten, et al. Enhancing national environmental monitoring through local citizen science. In: Citizen Science: Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy, Susanne Hecker et al., eds. London: UCL Press, London, 2018: 337–52

Using sensors in the urban environment
Qijun Jiang, Frank Kresin, Arnold K. Bregt, Lammert Kooistra, Emma Pareschi, Edith van Putten, Hester Volten, and Joost Wesseling, Citizen Sensing for Improved Urban Environmental Monitoring. Journal of Sensors 2016; 2016:5656245

Information on the use of air quality sensors in Citizen Science.
Assessing air quality through citizen science, EEA, Copenhagen, 2019

Bartonova et al. Low cost sensor systems for air quality assessment: possibilities and challenges, 2019. ETC/ACM report no. 2018/21

José Miguel Rubio Iglesias, Triin Edovald, Robert Grew, Timo Kark, Ahmet Erkan KIDEYS, Taru Peltola, Hester Volten. Citizen Science and Environmental Protection Agencies: engaging citizens to address key environmental challenges. Front. Clim., 04 December 2020.


Publications: Evaluation sensors and calibrations methods 


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Karin Ardon-Dryer, Yuval Dryer, Jake N. Williams, and Nastaran Moghimi. Measurements of PM2.5 with PurpleAir under atmospheric conditions.  Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 5441–5458, 2020

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Alice Cavaliere, Federico Carotenuto, Filippo Di Gennaro, Beniamino Gioli, Giovanni Gualtieri, Francesca Martelli, Alessandro Matese, Piero Toscano, Carolina Vagnoli and Alessandro Zaldei. Development of Low-Cost Air Quality Stations for Next Generation Monitoring Networks: Calibration and Validation of PM2.5 and PM10 Sensors. Sensors 2018; 18(9): 2843

Abdul Samad, Daniel Ricardo Obando Nuñez, Grecia Carolina Solis Castillo, Bernd Laquai and Ulrich Vogt. Effect of Relative Humidity and Air Temperature on the Results Obtained from Low-Cost Gas Sensors for Ambient Air Quality Measurements. Sensors 2020; 20(18): 5175

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